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Friday, March 11, 2011

11 Mar 2011 Lets Get Started

Welcome to A Parrot Looks at 51, all you Buffett  fans will understand. I am just an old paratrooper, who decided to record some of the stuff going with me these days.I fancy my self as a novice rod builder. I have one rod under my belt and one rod that I repaired a broken guide on. I attended the International Rod Builders Expo in High Point last month with my wife, Sharon, and to Other FAAN (Fayetteville Area Anglers Network) members Tom and Eric. Had a good time there. Watched some really great demonstrations and attended a great seminar on Cross Wrapping Basics with Billy Vivona of NERBs(North East Rod Builders). I also picked several rod blanks and have ordered the guides for two of them. I have a  6 piece fly rod blank coming from Cabella's that should be here soon. I have everything on hand to put the fly rod together. just waiting for the blank.

Today I cleaned up a crappie rod that I will be replacing some broken guides. Hopefully they will get here today, have to check the mail. Picked this rod up at the Saltwater and Bass Show in Raleigh last month , Order the wrong guides so had to re-order them. Got my homemade power rod wrapper together and up and running. Works pretty good had some issues with the chuck but got them worked out and it works great.

Her are a few pictures of me building my first rod and the set up as it has evolved :

This is my hand wrapper with a Ugly Stick that had a broken guide to be repaired.

And here the hand wrapper has evolved into a power wrapper.

This is the crappie rod waiting on the guides to arrive(they were not in todays mail).