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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Finished Six Piece Fly Rod

I got 2 coats of epoxy on the rod and in the turners. Not much to do now but let them go until cured..

 Here is my set up for applying the epoxy and drying the rods.I have a 6 rpm drier from
the turner I use to apply the epoxy is home made . I took the motor out of my BOHNING Pro-Model Arrow Crester it is a 300 rpm motor. The chuck I use for the rod handle is a piece of pool noodle, for multi-piece rods I use the rubber gasket type that comes with the motor.
 Got the AC running in the back room, so it cooled it down. Did keep it set low to keep it above 70.
Here you can see the rod parts in the respective turners. The one from Bohning is a little noisy, but I just close the sliding glass door to the back room and it was good to go.

 This is the rod sock that came with the original rod. Let me back up a bit. I built this rod to replace an an identical rod that I broke during a kayak smallie trip on the New River in NC. My wife had given me this rod for our anniversary. She said that I needed a travel rod to always go in the suit case were ever we go. So this one was great, it is 18 inches long, and in the case it is only 21 1/2 inches. So it fits in the smallest of duffels or suit cases.
This sock is made of the same material as Frog Toggs I believe.
 I have the rod matched up with a Greys GRXI #516 reel. Really like this reel it has three extra spools that snap in and out to make line changes a snap.
 I think the reel seat looks sharp with the trout on it, and the cage.
 Here is my take on the Cabelas Stoaway6. A 6 piece 6wt travel rod.

As you can see very compact.

The tip got a little thick with the epoxy, but its ok .

I received an email from Mud Hole last night that the guide set that was on back order for the rod I am making my Father-in-law , came in and should have gone out yesterday. So I should have it in the next day or so , and will get back to that rod.  Can't wait to try them out in Wyoming , on the trout, in Sept.