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Friday, July 1, 2011

Guides on The Rod

Yesterday and part of today I got the guides on the rod. kept it very simple with black wrapping , with a silver spiral wrap on the hook keeper and the ferrals. Had a few re-starts on a few of the guide wraps , as I would inadvertently cut my thread or the fire line I use to pull the end back through to tie off, would sometimes cut the thread. But got through it and have the color preserver on now. I found the I had neglected to order a tip top for the rod so will have to wait for that . Here are some pics of the progress.

Got to have the Doctor in the house.

A little Music from Pandora Radio

Got it on the Jerry Jeff Walker Channel ...Its a Texas Thang

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Back From The 2011Ft Fisher Kayak M&G

Went down to Ft Fisher  Military Recreation Area last  Thursday. Setup camp and was joined by Eric from the FAAN who was also going to the Kayak M&G. We fished a little that evening from the fishing pier they have at  FFAFR. Didn't catch much Eric did catch his firs Shark though. It was really windy that night . Blew away the dining fly Eric had put up. But only a sprinkling of rain so all was good.
Pic from FAAN Fall Outing last year
Friday morning Eric and I took my Skiff and launched at the State Park Ramp there in Carolina Beach. They recently re-did the ramp, fuel dock and Marina there and it is very nice. Wish I could

say the same for the weather that day. We tried to go out of Massonboro Inlet , but that was not happening. The wave were probably around 3to 5 ft and the wind was really blowing . So w decided to try to fish inside . We tried the south Jetty, Snows cut and the Carolina Beach marina area. But the wind would not let up. Just not a good day to be on the water. I was starting to worry about Saturday being out in the kayaks. Friday evening Sharon came down after work. We headed down the beach Saturday morning with all three Kayaks on the roof of my Expedition. The cross over where the M&G would have lunch at , was about 6 miles down the beach. We got in the water about 0900 or so. Wind was still blowing but being low in the yaks and the marsh grass all round us gave us some protection.
Sharon caught a 14 inch Flounder
To bad they have to be 15 inches.
Eric Paddling

Eric caught a nice Croaker
Eric and Sharon

Eric and Sharon 's kayaks

Rolling in for lunch

Line up on the Beach

Still Coming in

Eric ready to launch
After we had lunch we went back across the Dune to the ocean side . We wanted to practice our surf launches and returns.  We took Eric"s Yak down and since all I had was an inflatable PFD I used his too.

A little help from me

Made the outside

Next was my turn.

Had to get my Captain on

I'm just waiting on a wave

Here goes nothing

One down one to go

Made it cool

Just cruising

Ok lets try landing

Jerry said to lean into the wave

And thats what I did and it work great.
I will have more pictures to post after I get them from Eric.

Here are the Pics from Eric's Camera:

Sharon and I ready to get started

Looks Like were in tadem

Eric with the catch of the day a pig fish

Sharon's Flattie

Another of my Captain

If you think this is blury should have been looking through my glasses

Good Day for a cruise

Actually dragging my paddle in the sand, think it helped. Stayed upright.