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Friday, June 3, 2011

My FLIES WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 I went over to the Pechmann center today to try out some flies that I have been working on. Well they work and they work great. The bass were all over the fly I like to call Kermit's Crack head Sister:

This here is Salad Mouth
Next on the menu was my Crazy Dragon Fly Nymph

 The Blue Gill like the Wild Thing , a Rubber Band Version of the San Jaun Worm. Very durable fly.

Check this blog

This is a blog to announce our Annual Lake Rim Clean up. There are pictures from the last two years that we have done this. If you live in the Fayetteville NC Area or close by please come out and lend a hand.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pics from the Yak

This is just a bunch of pics from and of us in the Yaks.
New River State Park Float trip with the Red X Anglers

Loaded up and ready to go.

Bow Fin fishing in Core Creek Kinston NC

Core Creek

Core Creek

Sharon my better half at Ft Fisher Kayak Meet and Greet.

My Yak Ft Fisher

Sharon first Flounder and first fish from her Yak.

Ft Fisher Meet and Greet, yeah a few people showed up...LOL

Feb in Lake Texakana

Feb in Lake Texakana

Canyon Lake Texas just got the rack from son-in-law and the Tie Down post from Austin Canoe and Kyak in San Marcos

Back down in the marshes at Ft Fisher

Hope Mills lake before the dam busted ...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Bass Ft Bragg lake

Nice size flier from one of the Ft Bragg lakes

Little Chain Pike hit that Dry fly and it was on ...great to fight on the fly.