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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Some Grass Carp Flies

Now I know some people wouldn't think of purposely go after Grass Carp, and then there are some that would only use a Muzzy fly , But they are a powerful , and spooky fish. Sounds to me like the perfect combination for the Fly Liner. I have started thinking of the carp more now due to a friend from South Africa who loves to fly and spin fish for these "Poor Mans Bone fish".  Well as you have read in earlier posts , Steve will be returning to his home soon. I had tied up several common carp flies for him to take home  (pictures back a couple of posts ago), but today I decided to go with the grass carp. So here is what I have. None of these are my own design , I may have tweaked others designs but don't lay claim to any of them.

 This first fly I have tweaked a little with the addition of Boa Yarn to form a root base to hide the hook eye. This fly I found on the microskiff forum by a fellow that calls himself  HA3Mmr
This  one is by a fellow named Ryan who has Scum Pocket Blog  He found, as I did, this great looking imitation grass at a craft store, and well you can see the results. The foam is to help it float a little higher in the water. This is also what I used on the previous fly.
 This fly has been around for quite a while ,it was first tied by Sister Carol aka "The Fly Tying Nun" . Have to give her full credit for this one. I think it looks a lot like the Hydrilla we have here in every body of water in mid NC.

This , while not strictly a Grass Carp fly , is a interesting twist on a old favorite, the San Juan Worm. Mr. P of Mr.P's blog calls this the wild thing. It is a worm tied from a red rubber band. It should be much more durable than the original.

Well that is it for to day. Waiting on a call to tell me my vehicle is ready, went in for inspection and air conditioner service, and the last call said it would be $1600, the heat was up to 98 today so what are you going to do , tell them to fix the air!!!!!!!

Here are a couple other flies she ties that are pretty cool. I can attest to the Chamois Worm working great in the mountains around the French Broad by Asheville.
              This is the Chamois Worm

This is the Two Tone Curly Worm.


  1. I have been catching them with large (#4) bright green beetles tied with craft foam...Just gotta make it splat on the water 1-2 feet in front of a cruising fish.

  2. I will have to try that, haven't been carp fishing in a long time.