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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Finally Building a rod

 I was gifted a rod kit last night from a good friend , Tom Carpenter. I helped out a few nights with a beginning rod building class that the John E. Pechmann Fishing Education Center was putting on. Went really well had about 13 students and everyone left with a rod that they had made. Had a great time helping these brand new rod builders.

Everyone had a good time I believe. There was some frustrations but we got through all of them.Looking forward to next class in August.

 OK so now I am set up to start my rod. Had a little problem with the grips as they were a little too big for the blanks but a little dry wall tape used as a arbor took care of that.
 Some of the tools and rod parts. This would drive Tom nuts , he really hates disorganization. But I do well with it so that what I have.
 And of course you got to have some great  tunes while you work. my choice is the Jerry Jeff Walker Channel on Pandora Radio. May live in NC now but still a Texas Boy at heart.

Here is the rod blank it from Mud Hole , it will make a good little crappie or speckle sea trout rod.

Now to get started I have the blank wrapped with the dry wall tape and ready to mix up some epoxy to assemble the handle and reel seat.


PROBOND all mixed up and ready to apply
Handle and Reel seat all glued up

Put the Tip Top on with Bohning Hot Melt Ferr-L-Tite
 I use it to put my Broad heads on my arrows .

From the front