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Monday, August 29, 2011

At the Bench Today

I got back to the tying bench today , I have been remiss in my tying. Since the trip to Wyoming is coming up fast thought I had better get busy. I was looking through the apps for my new phone and found one that is a little booklet on Nymphing. So  I downloaded it , it is a pretty good app. It is called Buzzer Fly Fishing, here is a link to a little write up about it.

Any way back to the bench I liked  the flies that he had tied. I know that most of the feeding that fish do is below the surface, and I like anyone love to see a top water crash of a fish nailing your dry fly. But realistically I fish more wets than anything so I am always interested in new flies. These are Midges in the larva stage and pupa stages. These are in the water all the time with the fish , so they are used to seeing and eating them. These are not new but are rather new to me. So here's what I came up with:

These are all un-weighted to allow them to fall very slowly  to the
 bottom. Should be fished in very slow water or lakes. 

Blank Buster Buzzers plus a couple of Emergers
and a couple of  Spiders

There are four Emegers  between the spiders and the buzzers
two with rainbow crystal flash and two with glow in the dark

The Buzzers use Fluorescent Embroidery thread which acts as
 a trigger point.

Under Black light to show the glow in the dark Flashabou

The Spiders are basically a buzzer with a hackle tied in wet style. The
black thread doesn't go as far down the hook shank.

You can see the ribbing here, this is done with the same flat nylon
thread used as the body, but it is twirled into a round thread then brought
back up the body plamer style to create the segmented body. 

I will probably go back and tie up some blood worms and some bead heads also. So that's it for now but will post up any others I tie later.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Custom Rod Blanks

Steve over at Custom Rod Blanks has been in the fishing and rod building business for over thirty years.With  his many year of experience with sport fishing, he shares his knowledge of where to buy, how to repair and how to build custom fishing rods. Plus, much  more. Here is a link to his site :  Check it out , he has a lot of good products at good prices. I also added this link to the favorites at the right.