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Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Luck With the Shad

We didn't get any Shad to bite, Eric did manage to get a nice cat to the Yak before it broke his line. There were a few people there and all in all I only saw a handful of fish caught. A few Shad , more cats and one small striper.    But it was a nice day on the river , will definitely head down again soon. I have heard that the shad are not in the Cape Fear this year as they have been before. Maybe they will be a little later.

No fishing this week end , in the middle of finishing a bedroom set that my wife got at a unfinished furniture store. We have it sanded , stained and the first coat of polyurethane on it, hope to one more on tonight and finish the head board tomorrow. I have some work to do on the foot board. It did not come with any hardware and I had to sink the hole for the bolts deep enough to plug them. Hopefully finish it all by Wednesday. Going up to Shearon Harris Reservoir Monday with Eric do a little pre-fishing for the Crappie trip the FAAN has planed for the 16th of this month. Go up there and see if we can find the places we want to fish that day.
        I have not giving up on the rod wrapping , just put it away for a little while. Needed to tie some flies and still waiting on parts for the rods I have waiting to be built.The blanks for my fly rod should be here Monday , hopefully the reel seats will be in soon .Those are for my two Crappie rods, was hoping to use them for the FAAN Crappie day. Going to be cutting it close. I am still new at this and it takes me a little longer to put one together, and my set up is not geared for more than one rod at a time on the drying rack .