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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Put the Cork to the Reamer

I finally got back to working on the rod. Have been really busy, Getting ready for the camping trip I am going on tomorrow. But I did find the time to get the cork handle reamed out and on the rod.

Had to ream out the cork the hole was just too small. So took a little
off with the drill bit at a very slow speed.

Next had to ream out the section that the reel seat fits into,
used my paddle bits just to get close and the my Dremel
tool to finish the pocket.

I use a Rat tail file to get the hole for the blank just to a snug
fit , where the  handle almost slid down to the reel seat.

ready for the epoxy , recycled chop sticks work get for mixing
Paddles and to apply the epoxy.

All assembled and clamped up, now just waiting for it to cure.

My assistant decided that it was time for a break,
so its nap time.
 We took a kayak trip The  Saturday before Fathers Day. Went up two where high way 42 crosses the Cape Fear River up above Buckhorn Dam. We paddled up to where the Haw River ans the Deep River meet to become the Cape Fear. Then up the Haw for awhile.
As you can see we took Bella with us. She had a ball.Rode really good
in the Yak for her first time.

She rode with me for awhile . that is until Sharon got a
little ahead of us, Then she jumped out of the yak and started
to swim to Sharon. She soon realized that I was going faster than
she was swimming and wanted back in my Yak.

Back with mommy and its ok.

Check out the finger shoes, those are so comfortable.
Can't wait to try them tomorrow in the boat.

It is pretty on the river. I like it a lot better than down where we are in
Fayetteville. The river there looks a lot more like the canal that it is .