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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Down on the Farm (UPDATE)

Well it has been a few weeks since  I got the Farm planted , so thought I would show the progress.
 As you can See everything has grown considerably well.

Here the tomatoes are really doing well, and I have added a Roma tomato for tomato sauce. I am very happy with the inverted tomato cages wired to the bamboo , With the cages the way they are designed to be used, I have always had the problem of  them falling over once the plants got to big for them.This way I can keep tying the to the bamboo for as high as I need too.

Here you can just see the small tomatoes coming on .This is the Sweet 100 cherry tomatoes.

This is a close up of the 100s

The Herb Garden really is doing well in the self watering containers. I am very impressed with these and will order several more of these. One thing for next year the Cilantro has already bolted. Not sure what to do to prevent that. It just got hot here earlier than usually. Might jut cut it and replant it several time this year.
The Asian Pepper  has started setting fruit.

This in one of the Thai Peppers in the herb garden, You can see it has started to set fruit.

My Jalapeños are producing peppers as well as the Banana peppers in the next picture.

You can see in this pic that the onions are up and doing well. These are clumping so will be used as green onions.

The Cantaloupe are coming along , growing them on the frame to keep fruit up off the ground. Will cradle fruit in nylons to help support them from the frame.

Here the Cucumbers are doing well. Have two types, a slicing cuke  and some pickling cukes. Replaced the straight eights slicing one that didn't make it with pickling seeds. They didn't fair well got cut off when they came up so replaced them with plants and they have done well.

The Yellow squash and the Zucchini are both doing well they seem to like the shaded side of the farm.

As you can see the cutting garden has really taken off there will be blooms soon

 The Coriopsis or Moss Rose likes it planter , it is starting to fill out hoping it will trail over the sides an down the stump.

Rosemary is standing tall and looking good. Love the smell of that plant.

Well there is the Farm old yeller lab guarding it and all .

Well thats it for now will keep this updated as the seasons progress.

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