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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No Luck on the Fly

I didn't have Any luck with the flies on the river. But I was having trolling motor issues which made Fly fishing very difficult . So Started throwing a rubber worm and as you can see I had a taker. LOL ....Sad thing is this is the first Bass I have caught on the river, and the first fish every on a rubber worm. It was just bigger than the worm. After that when set to cat some gills for cut bait for when we go cat fishing tomorrow night. We caught several then had to leave ...I had to meet my Daughter and her boy friend. They are buying my moms truck , so that was that for fishing.

 We at the FAAN have a friend Gert Duvenage , we call him  that has been with us for the school year, but is returning to South Africa soon. So we came up with and Idea that we all tie up a few flies for him and present them to him in a fly box at our next meeting. He will be giving a presentation on Carp fishing in South Africa, Should be interesting.
 So today I spent some time at the vice and tied up a few to add to the box.  Went with Carp flies as he is very passionate about the the Poor Man's Bone Fish. So these are what I came up with:
 Here is a fresh water calm.
 Here are a couple of small crayfish.

 This is a Stone fly

 The next two are just some nymphy buggy looking flies

And lastly a Carp Delight.

Most of these flies I have found on various websites like,  and I put my own twist on them so hope Steve likes them and enjoys fishing with them when he gets back home.

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