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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


And that is in the shaded Backyard under a couple of Oak Trees.

Yes friends it is hot here in North Carolina. We have been pushing 100 all week and that is with 38% humidity and it will be 45 % tomorrow.. To make it worse my SUV is in the shop for AC repairs . Found out it is going to be about $1600 to get it back. Went by the shop today and they had the whole front end off . The mounts for the Radiator which also hold the AC Condenser were rusted through, only thing holding the radiator in was the hoses. NEVER NEVER BUY A VEHICLE FROM UP NORTH !!!!!!!!!!!!
I am just hoping to get it back in time to go camping this week end. It is all I have that will pull the Boat, well except the Dully but my better have said she is not going to ride in the truck with no AC in it. Bad time for no ac around here right now. Ok I'll quit whining for now.

Anyway the garden is doing great, the squash has babies, ands the cucumbers too.Tomatoes turning red and picking peppers.

If you look close you can see the Little yellow squash just behind the blossom.

Starting to see some blooms in my wife's cutting garden.

A few Cherry tomatoes turning red. 

Once again you have to look close just behind the blossom to see the small cuke.

Everything else is coming along in spite of the heat. Having to water every morning. We may get some rain Sunday that would be nice. Well that all for now Buckaroos.

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