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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cleaning Up Our local Lake

This past Saturday the 9th of July , we had a clean up of our local lake. This lake is the only public fishing area except for the river in our area. It can get to be quite a mess , not so much from the people who fish there but all the other elicit activities that go no there. It is nothing to find the parking lots full of beer bottles , used condoms, or hypo needles. We are working with the city official to try to get the illegal activity out there controlled. But untill then we will try to keep the area policed. We hold a bi-annual clean up with other organizations, but the FAAN members  pick up trash every time we go out there on our own Here is a slide show from this past event.

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  1. Nothing better than cleaning up one of our water sources. Sometimes I get so mad seeing all the litter along our trout stream roads up here. I usually take my kids and clean up a roadside when time allows. Thanks for helping preserve nature the way it should be. Nicely Done. Tight Lines.