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Monday, September 26, 2011

Back Home form Wyoming

    We got back Thursday night around mid night. Long long flight from Salt Lake  to Atlanta. On the way out there we flew from Fayetteville to Atlanta to Minneapolis/Saint Paul then into Billings Montana. A little different route on the way back we flew from Billings to Salt lake and then to Atlanta. Took about an hour longer , just seemed like four, really hate to fly commercial. Funny the last plane I flew in before this trip, I jumped out of, yeah its been awhile .
    Had a great trip, fished a little, caught a few fish , saw a lot of great country. Here are some pictures :
My Father in law fishing Lake De Smet Buffalo Wyoming.

Here is the first fish I caught in Wyoming. This is the first Red Eyed Bass
(Rock Bass)  I have caught. Funny had to go all the way to Buffalo to catch it.
This was on Lake De Smet .

Here I am getting ready to fish below the Dam on
Sibley lake in the Big horn mountains.
Sneaking up on the brookies in this small tail race

Caught this little Brookie Prune Creek just beyond the dam on
Sibley Lake .

This is just down the creek from where I caught the Brookie,
a beaver pound, I caught a nice Brown trout here . Didn't get a picture
So we're going to say it was a whopper

This is the South Tongue, Missed one and that was all she wrote.
But only fished a little while. My back was killing me by then.

Will post more Pics later have to sort through them all . We had two digitals and did what we could to fill up both 8gig cards. 

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