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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soil Garden Hopefully the Last year

 Let me start this post by talking about my other blog. I am starting a Aquaponics system this year and that blog covers the progress there. If you would like to check it out click here The Aquaponics blog

That's the Farm as we call ....I have even been know to wear a Straw Hat when I work there.  Since the Aquaponics Project is on hold for the moment, due to no Barrels(the barrel Man was not home when I went by). I am posting about the "Soil" Garden . Just have to much Horticulture training to call it a "Dirt" Garden. =)
The Tomatoes
The Tomatoes are in self-watering boxes and in regular containers. Did real good last  year in this arrangement.
The Herb Box

The Garlic
The garlic I put in Last year in October, they seem to be doing very well.
I planted bulbs here. I will watch them for the sprouting and have to guide the greens through the holes in the weed guard.
Sweet Peppers
Sweet Green Bell Peppers and Sweet Banana Peppers.
The Hot Peppers
These are my Hot Peppers Jalapeno and Cayenne.
The cumbers are planted on each side of the bed and will run up a PVC  A-Frame trellis in the middle.
Rose Marry
Re-potted my Rose Merry it had grown to big for the Pot. There is also some Basil on the stump.
Rose marry and Basil
My DYI Cloche - Bell Jar
I also tried something that I saw on Pintrest, I put these Celery bottoms and green onion end in thees pots two maybe  three days ago. They have already started sprouting.

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