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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mar 14 2011 Another Monday

Worked over at he John E.Pechmann Fishing Education Center, several nights last week. Helped Tom Carpenter conduct a basic fly tying class. It went very well had about 11 students .Everyone seem to have a good time and are asking for more classes.

Saturday was the first of the Boy Scout Fly Fishing Classes at the Pechmann Center for the year. The Scout have classes on fly fishing and entomology fly tying and regulations. Then they get instruction on casting. Followed by 3 to 4 hours of fishing on the stocked trout pounds. The scouts are working on their fly fishing merit badge and have to catch, clean, cook, and eat their fish. It was a long day and took a toll on my back but it was a good day also. Love to see young people getting into fishing no matter what kind.

Thursday of last week I repaired a rod that got rolled up in a car window. It had broken right below the last feral . The pieces were still able to slide inside of each other so I wrapped and epoxied the broken end. I used the top portion of the rod to help in the turning jig. Well in retrospect not the best judgement. Even though I taped and thought I was careful the two section are epoxied together. OK So now instead on a 4 piece 9ft 6wt, I have a 3 piece 8ft 10inch 6and 3/4 wt rod. I took it with me to the Pechmann center and it seemed to cast about the same as it did before and the repair seems to be fine. I did notice that it looked a little strange with the missing guide that was on the piece that broke off. So yesterday morning I removed the guide and installed it on the rod a few inches back form the new feral. Basically eyeballed it. It looks much better now and actually is hard to tell that it wasn't done at the factory.
                                Here are some pictures of the repairs.

And here are a few from the Boy Scout Fly Fishing

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