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Friday, May 6, 2011

Down on the Farm

Got my tomatoes in the new self watering containers and the herb garden in one also. Planted peppers and onions too. So now I am looking for the percocets to get back to almost normal. Farming is hard ...LOL 
The Farm

Squash Yellow straight neck and Zucchini

        Wild Flower Cutting Garden

Cantaloupe and Cucumbers

Growing them on the PVC frame with a jute net for them to climb on.this is the one for the cantaloupe , still need one for the cucumbers .      

Peppers and Onions   

JalapeƱos and Sweet Banana, with green onions in between.

Sweet 100's and Better Boy Slicing 

Herb garden 
Thai hot peppers, Thai basil, Sweet mint, Lemon Balm, Texas Tarragon, Flat Leaf Italiano Parsley. Cilantro, Oregano  Thyme

Well Buckaroos thats the farm. Not much but for just my Bride and me it is just fine. Trying out some new  a self watering containers with the tomatoes and the Herbs, Well see how that goes.

Put up the tomato cages this morning. also found little dog foot prints in the onion patch so going to Lowes to get fencing to keep them out.

The tomatoes and Herbs were looking a little stressed from the transplant ,but after a good rain last night they perked up pretty well.

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