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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just Wrapping

This morning back is still giving me fits, so I am back at the rod wrapping. Laid down the 5th color band and added 3 wraps of a blue Holographic mylar. That will be the half way point. Now I'll just wrap the same colors in reverse order. He what I have done so far:

Center wraps are Sulky Holoshimmer145-6030

Here is What I used on the other wraps:

Got to give credit where it is deserved. Saw Billy at the international Rod Builders Expo in High Point this year.
He's pretty cool for a Yankee.
Truly the Lord Of The Strings!!

Here is after 4more pass with the next two shades a of blue.


Well if that don't suck, guess theres a lesson in this somewhere but damed if I know it right now.Think it is time to go self medicate a little and come back to this tomorrow. So that is what I am off too.

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