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Monday, March 21, 2011

Still Waiting

Got a e-mail today from Cabela's that the 6 piece fly rod blank that I order that was on back order is in and should have shipped Sat the 19th. This is to replace a fly rod that I broke on the New River trip last year. I am not going to start on this rod until I have a few more under my belt. With it being a 6 piece I am not sure how to find the spine. I am leaning toward sighting down each shaft and going with the straightest line. I will be asking a lot of questions on the rod building forum.
  Put my back in a bind Saturday and I am taking it easy for a day or two. It would be nice if to be able to start on a rod but just don't have all the parts yet. So guess I will do some practice wrapping. I'll post pictures later if the wraps look OK.

When say wraps I am talking about decorative wraps. I am just starting this and I have lengths of  5/8 PVC pipe that I sand to get all the markings off of it.
So heres what I have done so far, not quite half way done on this one. No it would usually not take this long but like I said I am new, and my back wont let me stay seated for more than about 20 mins at a time.

Above two colors down, I wrap in bands of three threads.

Four colors down, you can see my thread box. Each row is the same color, thus the three thread band.

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